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WhatTo Watch – Monday June 22, 2020


Our new addiction

I May Destroy You is the couch’s new addiction / obsessed series (right up there with RuPaul and Legendary). After two episodes I’m hooked in and enthralled in finding out what the heck is going on and loving our lead character, Annabelle (played to perfection by Michaela Coel), and what happened to her when she was drugged after a night out. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Annabelle, our heroine, is a twitter blogger turned author whose first book becomes a big success. While trying to knock out a draft of her second book, she ditches work and goes out on the town with friends, Simon and Simon’s partner Kat and Simon’s cousin Derae – and that’s where things start to get murky for Annabelle. Add into that a shady boyfriend from Italy, her best friends and the fact Simon is cheating on Kat lead her to a drugged cocktail and missing hours. But it’s Michaela (who also wrote, directed and created the series) who is the most captivating and you are glued to her the instant she appears on the screen. Y’all really need to check this show out!

WHY IS THIS A THING STILL?: The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever – CITY – 8pm

Ugh. I’m not a fan of dating reality and I’ve never, ever been a fan of this show. But, like a bad rash, it’s still on and if any of you are fans than you may want to tune into this retrospective until the new season starts.

HOW META CAN YOU GET: B90 Strikes Back! – TLC – 8p

If you’re a fan of 90 Day Fiancee you will want to check out this spin off. B90 Strikes back focuses on cast members from season 7 of 90 Day Fiancee who will react to their online clips and be given a chance to strike back at online trolls and respond to question. It’s like Googlebox but not really.


Let’s see who are on the virtual couches this week

John Lithgow joins Kelly & Ryan (9am CTV) to discuss all things Perry Mason

One of the funniest men around, Ron Funches, checks out Conan (11:35pm Comedy)

Lena Waithe zoom calls James Corden (12:35am CTV) to be fabulous in general.

Jason Sudeikis reunites with SNL pal Seth Meyers (12:35am CTV2) to discuss his new show, Tournament Of Laughs, that is not available in Canada (unless you have TBS).